• ACT Maintenance Interviewed by BBC’s Sport Presenter Mike Bushell

    May 10, 2015

BBC Sport presenter, Mike Bushell called into our office for a chat to find out how ACT Maintenance Solutions are fast becoming the number one reactive maintenance company in the north west. Mike presents the sport on BBC breakfast on Fridays and the weekend and also holds a number of world records which he obtained throughout his career.

ACT Maintenance Growth

ACT Maintenance Solutions started out as a humble small business with just the two directors Andy and Chris. Since then the company has seen immense growth patterns with the number of clients and employees doubling year on year.

How Reactive is Reactive Maintenance?

During our interview with Mike, we recieved a P1 (High Priority – 4 hour response) Work Order from one of our customers, Sony. As seen in the video there is no time for standing around when it comes to reactive maintenance service, Our engineers have everything they need and are en route within minutes, now thats reactive maintenance at it’s best.

How does high quality service scale?

We use the latest in web and mobile technology to manage our workload, our system monitors job progress and keeps our customers up to date. The system utilizes business automation technology to receive, parse, prioritize and assign jobs to engineers efficiently throughout the country and all of our engineers can be updated in real time via their mobile application.

Once the system accepts a new work order from a customer it is evaluated and an available, suitably qualified engineer is selected and notified within seconds of the works order being received. This type of business automation not only speeds up the processing of information, it also drastically increases the accuracy of information. There is no confusion, no typos and nothing forgotten. Our systems improve the flow and distribution of information leaving our engineers serving our customers rather than filling out paperwork.

How does this technology benefit our customers?

Our technology is unique and provides a number of benefits to our customers and us as a service provider. Our customers benefit from instant feedback from our system, reduced administration, increased reliability and most importantly: A first class maintenance service.